Our association’s mission is to help at the national level the people with haemophilia, the people with special needs and the development of any other activities for the benefit of civil society.

In order to achieve this purpose, the association is to put into practice the following objectives through the Statute of the Haemophillia   – Romania Association:

1. Helping people with haemophilia at the national level;
2. Removing obstacles preventing people with haemophilia  from exercising their civil rights and freedoms.
3. Promoting family-type alternatives by developing and diversifying services for recovery and reintegration into social life.
4. Provision of outpatient social and medical assistance and transport of people with haemophilia.
5. Collaboration with institutions and persons governed by public and private law, including local and central administration, as well as other institutions empowered to carry out civil society development projects..
6. Creation of a National Center for information and education of persons with haemophilia  and the population – according to Romanian legislation and in line with the Rules of the European Union and the World Health Organization.
7. Promotion of internal and international relations for the collection of funds, medicines, equipment, etc., to achieve the purpose and objectives of the Haemophilia Association.

“Haemophilia doesn’t wait until morning !”

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